Blog Posting

I’m really not ready to start this yet.  I mean I’m READY to start changing, start shifting in the direction of the life I believe I’m meant to be living but there is just SO much rolling around in my head – and I just keep adding to all those things by reading things and listening to pod casts and the ideas are coming at me a mile a minute and I really need to take some time and get organised!!!

But, while I try to get organised I’m not really shifting anything so I have to attempt to do the basics, even if I feel and sound frazzled doing them.  One of the basics is doing a blog entry every day.

Now I have tried that before.  I have another blog that I started writing when I got breast cancer a couple of years ago and I vowed to write in it every day when I was feeling well enough to do that and of course, I started off well but eventually I ran out of things to add, energy to come up with it and it just died off (unlike the author thankyouverymuch).

I’ve given that blog ( a couple of attempts at cpr and it hobbles along but I didn’t want to start from there – this is about ‘new’ and ‘change’ and so I’m starting here.

I’m going to give some credit to a few things that have been inspiring me;

Dean Dwyer does a blog and podcast called “Make Shift Happen” which is, as he says is about “change how you look work and live by changing how you think”.  I believe he started this with a focus on weight loss and fitness but while that is a part of my ‘vision’, it is not nearly more than only a little bit of what I take away from his podcasts!  The problem right now is, he hasn’t done a new one lately an I even went to the trouble to email him because really, making shift happen is a large part of the basis of all of this.  You can find more information at

Ok, new idea – a resources and inspiration page – I’ll do that rather than take a whole post which will eventually get lost in the blog and be hard to find.  I’ll do that right after I construct a to do list.


The Interception

Welcome to My Boggled Mind (previously Life Intercepted.)

This post is just here to tell you what this site will be about when I’m finished setting it up.

I find myself at a place in my life that feels like change.  I was dawdling along in the direction that I set out at years ago going to the place that I expected to go when suddenly I find myself face to face with another version of my life – or at least that’s what it looks like.

After a great deal of thought I’ve decided that I should go there and be that person.  My life was intercepted by a view of a life I haven’t lived, but could live.

I’ll be 52 in a few short weeks – this is no small endeavour, will probably be a bit of an adventure and there are tons of obstacles jumping in front of me… not the least of which is, I don’t know how to get there from here.

I’ve started this blog so that I can fall down in public.  Why do I want to do that?  Well, part of me thinks that in my unlived life, I might be a writer.  Why not?