Stuck In Goo


Stuck in goo.

Goo is relative.  In a good place you might like the goo and be happy about being stuck in it.  It could be sweet and scented like your favorite memory, it could be warm and comforting.

It is not that kind of goo.

This is the goo that when you step in it you curse the critter that left it in your path and the responsible human that should not have left it behind.  This is the kind of goo that has a foul odor that gets in the crevices of your sensibilities and rocks your thought process – interrupting it like the sound a small mouse makes late at night in your rafters.

You knock on the walls, softly, so as not to disturb the slumber of the others – and for a moment it stops and you have peace.. for a moment is all.

I have begun to focus on what the lesson is – besides to watch where you are stepping for certainly there must be a grander design in all this, Karma can’t possibly be bothered with the trivial pursuit of poor organizational skills.

I hope.

So for that reason I keep searching because all this goo would be worth it… if for a good lesson.

Living Is The Destination


“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel”

Wow. The most prominent thought in my head over the past few months, when I take the time to reflect, has been that “I’m tired of being a fighter”. Yes, it’s a line from a song but it struck me. I determined that I wanted my life to be more flowing to feel like I was riding with the waves rather than swimming against the current and today, with this Danielle LaPorte status update and the previous article I just read on regrets of the dying … the pieces are starting to align into a pattern that makes sense.

But seriously, how many times does one need to be clunked over the head with that little piece of information that “LIVING IS THE DESTINATION”… we aren’t going to “get there” we ARE there! ohhh… time to rewrite the future!

On Optimism

On days like today… weeks like this week… I totally get the attraction of being pessimistic. Being eternally optimistic means that I always expect the best of people, the best outcome, the happiest scenario and when my expectations are met I fly high. The brick wall when people and events disappoint me is harsh and cold and the drop from the sky … brutal. However… I think I will choose to remain an optimist. I can’t fathom always expecting the worst, even if it means there are no brick walls. I also think to be a successful optimist you have to have a healthy realist living in you…. with a generous dose of “it’s possible”