Connect The Dots

Ok, reading back to the last post from a couple of hours ago, things were pretty drivel-ish.  I’m not fond, nor prone to ‘drivel’ and so I had to spend some more time with me – thinking and perhaps even stomping down that inner gremlin.

I decided that since I subscribed to Andrea Owen’s daily email KickAss Life Coaching series that I would go ahead and be ‘coached’ here.  I’m not going to address each daily email here but the ones that feel pertinent to my ‘predicament’ –  I will.

What do you want? What do you really, really want?

  • I want to be healthy
  • I want to have many friends
  • I want to have opportunities to use my intellect outside of a work environment
  • I want to be able to be trusted
  • I want a level of excitement in my life – something to feel passionate about
  • I want to not have to work until I’m 65 – or, to be somehow earning money without feeling like I’m working.

In my Un-Lived life, the one that I see in my mind, I am living in the country, in a cottage perhaps, and I have a sense that I spend time doing ‘artist’ type things, writing, drawing, creating.  I’m calm and peaceful.

It’s like a snapshot though, It’s not a concrete plan or something to work towards because I don’t know what else it is.

You can’t tell about someone’s life from a picture – an image frozen in time… The next scene could be someone coming and starting a big argument or getting into a car and driving in traffic to an office or putting an open sign on a roadside stand or a dinosaur coming along and crushing the cottage or aliens beaming me up to the spaceship – see – my snapshot of my Un-Lived life is meaningless when it comes down to it.

Inner Gremlins? Perhaps.
Realism? Perhaps.

Let’s go back to Dean Dwyer and Making Shift Happen.

Pick something small, or not even small – but 1 thing to change and make that work before starting the next thing.

When I first heard that I thought wow – amazing insight.  Still is amazing insight.  He said that very often people get all gung ho about a new diet plan, lifestyle change, exercise plan  breaking a habit or whatever and they try to take on the world in a single leap (I am paraphrasing here) and end up failing because you just can’t change everything all at once.

That all made perfect sense to me when I heard it the first time, and when I paraphrased it the first and second and all the subsequent times I that I repeated it yet here I am, frustrated because things aren’t moving quickly enough – I haven’t changed enough…

Man – I’ve hardly ‘changed’ anything.  Mostly what I’ve done is talk about changing, think about changing and the things I have put on my list…. well, I haven’t failed, but not exactly a roaring success either.

So, what have I concluded from this little episode of verbal/mental diarrhoea?  Slow down.

This is not an overnight project.

Stick to the plan.  Start with being healthy.  Why?

Because when I become more healthy and fit, I will have more energy, feel better about myself and my outlook on life may change.  The mental fog I find myself in all too frequently may lift and I may be able to see that un-lived life a little more clearly – the direction may become more apparent and actually, when it comes down to it, in my un-lived life, I am healthier, fitter, stronger.

I feel better now.  I think I’ve connected some of the dots.



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