Slippery Diet Sliding

35 Days ago I joined a diet program.  I believe it’s a Canadian thing – the program is Dr. Bernstein’s.  It’s a Slippery Diet – meaning if you don’t hold yourself just right sliding down hill is way too easy.

Interestingly enough, they don’t go into a lot of details as to how the program works, at least they don’t volunteer the how’s and why’s of it but it’s easy enough to figure out and I knew going in what I was up for.

The program is based on low carb, below 30 grams a day I believe but that could be off a bit.  It’s also low calorie – less than 900 calories a day, and it’s supplemented with  Vitamin B12 and B6 injections 3 times a week, a daily multivitamin, daily potassium supplements and a VERY strict and limited allowed foods list.

The goal of all this is to put your body into ketosis.  Ketosis   happens when you don’t consume enough carbs for your body to use as fuel and so it starts to use your fat stores for energy and the result is – amazing quick weight loss while continuing to feel great.  Energy is still there and the ketosis keeps you from feeling hungry.

I went in wanting to loose about 35 lbs.  They would prefer I loose between 45-55 .  I said I would re-assess when I met my goal.

In my first month I lost 19 lbs.

The problem is that the first month landed me right smack in the middle of “Christmas Goody Season” and goodies are my weakness.

Honestly I did pretty good at sticking to my diet through 8 grueling days of the office goodies table.  I realize now, in retrospect, that the further from my allowed foods the goodies were, the better it was for me because I would avoid the table altogether.  When things on the table were closer to what I was allowed to eat, I would think – ok, just a couple and then any willpower, real or perceived, was done, toasted, even deep fried.  Gone.

macaronSo, remember how I said that this was low carb, low calorie?  Well the big deal is the carbs, if you are going to eat something you aren’t allowed to eat, you might squeak through if you  binge on a chicken breast or even a couple of pieces of cheese but there is no how, no way that a Parisian Macaron – beautiful visually and in your mouth, home made by your sister is going to squeak through anything unless it’s a split seam in your jeans.

In a sum total of  6 days (since the teensy weensy start of my diet slide) I have gained back almost 7 lbs of my 19 lost.

What an absolute bummer and Christmas itself is still 4 days and counting and then there is New Years!

I know, I have no one to blame but myself.  I knew that varying from the diet was weight loss suicide…. yet I did it anyway so I have no one to blame but myself.

However, I refuse to wallow.  Me Intercepted, Me Reinvented does not wallow.  This me gets up and dusts off and says ok – I’m going to climb back up the slide and then I’m going to continue up the mountain to reach my goal.

Mountain Climbers do not just slide the rest of the way down, they get a better grip and keep going and I will too.

I started my climb with a short stint on the elliptical trainer and I am back on the program today.

I am going to make a list of snack like food that I can keep on hand so that if I’m going to binge on something it doesn’t have to be a full bag of Doritos or a absolutely beautiful Parisian Macaron a la my sister.

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