4 Hour Body Diet – Day 4 Update

Well yesterday I posted all in a giant state of excitement because I had lost 3 lbs in 2 days on The 4 Hour Body – Slow Carb Diet.  Today I’m not so excited – I gained 1/2 of that back and was up to 178 this morning.

Now I have not lost hope because I didn’t do everything the same yesterday as I did the previous days and there is enough of that to make me wonder if I just stepped too far over the line… here’s what I did (or didn’t do);

  • Lunch, or as I prefer to call it, the second meal… I ate at a restaurant and did not have any beans.  I thought this would be ok, and perhaps it might have been – or maybe it was but it’s not the only thing I did.
  • Lunch – I also had some creamy dressing on my salad with chicken.  In hind sight, I should have asked for oil and vinegar which is acceptable but I didn’t think of that or I could have at least asked for the dressing on the side which I usually do but apparently I wasn’t thinking.
  • Exercise – I have been, for the last 6 days, trying to implement a new strategy for adding new habits to my life.  I’m calling it the 5 minutes a day for 5 days positive change plan (a little lengthy – if it works I’ll work on a catchier name).  So for 5 days I have spent 5 minutes a day on my elliptical machine, on the 6th day I did that and added another thing I wanted to turn into a habit but yesterday, day 7, I totally forgot and missed doing both things but importantly to this, the 5 minutes on the elliptical.
  • 4th Meal – The last 2 days I have not felt any desire to eat the 4th meal so in the name of honoring my system I did not eat it.  Yesterday I was hungry at 4th meal time so I ate.  Albeit it was a small meal, probably 1/2 the regular portion size but none the less, I had not done that the other days.
  • 1st MealI’m adding this as an after thought – I’m not sure if this is an issue or not and if it is, it will be one for today as well…. You are supposed to eat within a half an hour of waking – maybe an hour but definitely not longer than that.  Day one and two I did that – but yesterday I did not have to go into the office and wasn’t feeling well so I wanted to indulge in some extra shut-eye time and stayed in bed. The problem is – I woke up earlier and while I didn’t actually ‘get up’ I was awake and even my extra shut-eye was a little forced and not actually “sleep” but more like cat napping – so – not really sure about this but it’s an extra variable to consider.

The returned 1.5 lbs could have been because of the missed bean portion at lunch or even because of the salad dressing or the missed exercise  – I don’t know but I think it’s possible that the fourth meal or the combination of all those things brought it on.

So, in that vein, I have decided to postpone my ‘binge day’ until tomorrow.  I want to find out if I messed up or if it turns out that this diet is a bust after all.  I certainly was not comfortable with the idea of a free for all day while not being confident that the diet was going to deliver as promised.

So far today I’m still having the same experience of not being hungry until it’s time to eat again but I have been more cautious of portions – sticking to 1/2 c of beans for meals one and two but I think I will have a more liberal portion for dinner if I want it in an effort to avoid meal 4 again.

I will continue to post progress – or lack there of.

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