4 Hour Body – Not For This Body

Well, the 4 hour body crashed and burned.

Nothing more to say really than that it didn’t work out for me.  I was gaining weight on it and I just didn’t have it in me to keep trying in some hope that eventually the scales would tip (pun intended).

I gave it up and have gone back to a variation of Bernstein/Atkins which is working relatively well.

‘Relatively’ means that I loose weight on it, I feel good but sometimes I go off for a day or two and depending on how badly I do on those days, I have to re-lose the weight I put on – which seems to happen right around the time that I’m looking for a binge again.

I also blew my sciatic a week ago which is impairing my ability to do any real exercise –  I am going to yoga but not able to do everything for the entire class.  Bummer.

So, along the health lines, I could do better.  I will do better.

New supplements….  HGH Releaser by Abundance Naturally.  The idea (so my trusty sister tells me) is that post menopause, natural or surgical, the body does not produce HGH  (human growth hormone) and somehow that’s responsible for that nagging fat that hangs around regardless of diet and exercise on women over 50.  Here’s the link to the webpage for the HGH Releaser product.

Since I went out and bought the vitamins that Tim Ferris and the 4 hour body diet recommended, I figured I might as well have them, they seemed reasonable anyway so this is what I take with full meals – when I have full meals (lots of bars and shakes right now).

Green Tea Extract. (2 daily with food)  Ok, well, this is apparently the miracle all us overweight individuals have been waiting for ;)  Check out 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet where they have already listed the miraculous properties of Green Tea Extract.

Alpha Lipoic (1 daily with a meal) – Another powerhouse in the form of antioxidants.  Helps motabilize fat better, internal skin cream, boosts power of other antioxidants, reduces insulin levels…. and more.  My source here is naturalnews.com

Garlic (Allicin) – Another superpower – kills bacteria, increases metabolism, good for your heart, on and on and on…. read about it here

Carb Cutter – on a whim I bought this to help with the occasional binging – I have no earthly idea if it works so I take it because so far, it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything.

And finally, and this is not weight related …. After my chemo and subsequent hair loss, my hair came back very sparsely.  fine and thin and a few baldish patches and after being the person that was known to hairdressers far and wide as the woman with all the hair… ok, well I wasn’t known far and wide but I had a LOT of hair, this has been a insidious thorn in my side.

Yes, of course I’m grateful to be alive and healthy and so far, cancer free – but I think perhaps there was enough ongoing struggle and permanent reminders that we could have done without taking away my hair.

Anyway, constantly on the search for something that will keep what I have strong and maybe even help more keep growing and filling in, the latest is Silica.  It also seems to have some excellent benefits but what I am concerned about is hair and it seems to improve the strength of it… and, if it makes my skin a bit better, I’ll take that :)

This was intended to be a quick update about the 4 hour body and instead it’s a health and diet update? oh well. it is what it is.

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