Wooden Match

It’s like those wooden matches.

They are awesome and scary all in the same brain space.

On one hand they are strong and sturdy, when you strike one, there is a bright light with sparks and and it fills all your senses at once, there are the sounds of the wood hitting against the igniting material, and that sizzle and whoosh as the sulphur lights into a magnificent ball of flame and spark… delicious.  You wait until it settles in to a flame.  It’s an experience in itself

Then it begins to consume the splinter of wood that made it possible.

Sometimes, if you aren’t careful, the sulphur can fly off and you are just left with a piece of wood and sometimes, the sulphur will find it’s way on to your skin.  It’s not like any other burn you’ve had because it continues to burn until it has consumed all the chemicals with a searing pain… very small… almost invisible but searing… and intense.

Shit.  That hurt.  Not a wounding for life kind of hurt.  but hurt is hurt.

Those paper matches sometimes don’t light, if there is a bit of damp or oldness to them, nothing you can do will conjure a flame… you can go through a lot of paper matches just trying to feel a little warmth.

Perhaps that little chip of sulphur on my skin was meant to remind me … if I just want to play with fire a little bit, stick with the paper matches….  paper matches are never delicious … that distinct scent is not as powerful and the flame is not as bright and damn, you don’t get a light every time but they are so much less intense.

I’m going wait and get some wooden matches when the intensity matches the intent.

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