Message For The Hardened

The hardness…. I don’t think it’s permanent.  At least not permanent that you can count on.  The walls can crumble at any point, without warning. poof.  dust.

And then you are there naked.  All those dormant feelings …. a mass of raw nerve endings cringing against a soft breeze because… after being protected so long… everything feels.

And it’s unfamiliar.

Is it pain?

Is it joy?

hard to tell…

it is relentless…. there is no break … there is no off switch… and definitely – no pause

I find myself playing with the piles of dust… shaping it into a blanket to pull up to my chin, and maybe … over my head.   but it just rains down around me.. covering but not sheltering, not hiding me – just making me want to wash it off.

I’m straddling the line… in the distance I can see the materials for a new wall.  To the other side… is it the sun shining?  a mirage perhaps… I hear the storm as well…

To be continued….

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